Choose Metropolitan Management LLC because they are the best property management company in New Jersey.

Glen Kassis, AMS, CMCA, PCAM,  established Metropolitan Management, LLC to provide a level of service  that is different than what is currently being offered by other  management companies. The company believes that Associations should not  be treated as a number with a cookie cutter approach, but to carefully  look at the requirements of an Association and design a specialized  management package that is based on the level of service it needs. 

During  these hard economic times, it is even more important to consider what  Metropolitan Management, LLC can offer. Unfortunately there are often  opportunities to reduce maintenance fees by cutting operating costs that  are ignored by management companies who load up their managers with too  many properties in order to maximize the company's profits.  Metropolitan Management, LLC believes in limiting the number of  properties that a manager oversees so enough time can be dedicated for  the business of the Association and find creative ways to cut costs at  the same time.

The  managers and staff at Metropolitan Management, LLC collectively have a  diverse background with many years experience that can help your  Association reach its goals and objectives. Our staff have earned  various designations and licenses that includes the renowned Certified  Manager of Community Associations, Association Management Specialist  designations, Professional Community Association Manager, and NJ Black  Seal Boiler Operator to name a few. Our staff also believes in giving  back to their community by volunteering their time on worthy causes.

Please  give Metropolitan Management, LLC an opportunity to sit down with you  and the rest of the Board to discuss your Association’s needs and prove  how improvements can be achieved for possibly less than what is  currently being spent annually. We are available anytime to offer a free  evaluation of your Association.