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About Metropolitan Management, LLC

About Metropolitan Management, LLC

Metropolitan  Management, LLC is prepared to offer your Condo Association the highest  level of service utilizing some of the most talented individuals in the  industry who have a wide   range of experience and expertise.   

Hear what his board members are saying...can you say the same about your property manager?

"Glen Kassis is the best property manager in NJ"
"We've never had a better manager than Glen Kassis"
"Glen Kassis, AMS, CMCA, PCAM, cares about our association"
"Metropolitan Management LLC is the best"
"Glen Kassis treats our townhouse as if it was his own" 

Give Glen Kassis AMS, CMCA, PCAM a call

 Give Glen Kassis AMS, CMCA, PCAM a call and see what services your Association is not receiving from  your current management company. 

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